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Bathroom remodeling


AJ CONSTRUCTION LLC a full service company in house remodeling, ceilings, exterior and interior painting, dedicated to preserve the welfare of our clients by solving the needs of their home. We specialize in roofing services, siding, windows and gutters, using only the highest quality materials in the industry of your home taking care of the details and finishing.

Your home can look beautiful, allow remodeling and care in the hands of construction experts and we will take care of all the details.We specialize in the installation and coating of channels, windows, doors, capping, drywall, exterior remodeling and much more. Concrete works are those that specialize in patios and sidewalks we serve both commercial and residential.

Kitchen remodeling


Add more elegance to your home. How important it is to paint it for the care and so that over the years we have no major problems with quality paints with excellent finish and care in the combination of the environment which will be with the experts in paints of AJ CONSTRUCTION LLC. We transform a simple place into a pleasant space. We make the appointment and we will advise you on the environment and the right colors for it.



AJ CONSTRUCTION LLC solves all kinds of problems with the dry wall in Pennsylvania, including nail splashes, water spots, cracks, water and weather damage, removal of wallpaper, flooding in the basement and stains, bumps. The service of drywall will allow your house to be in excellent condition, notoriously for this to work. For us it is an art and it is about taking care of the details to achieve the best finishes.



The advice of an expert is important to make a new project correctly. If your decision is to work with the best, then AJ COSNTRUCTION LLC is your best option. We know that electricity is a very broad subject, it must be done by experts and it can not put your business and family at risk, that's why we will make a free estimate and adjusted to your budget. Call us to perform the inspection.

Roof shingle


All our works cover high quality standards! If you call us, we will make a timely appointment to work your roof and give you maintenance and free estimate. Allow us to perform inspections on your roof and assess the changes to be made.

Nothing better than experts in single roof, roof repair, roof maintenance, inspections taking care of hard work and you rest is in good hands.

Roof shingle


On the floors there is a great variety! And choosing the right one is a priority. If you want to install remodel wooden floors, marble. Our team will be responsible for providing the necessary help, quality care of those small details. and great vision of the project will be our guarantee on the quality of your wooden floor and more. Call our numbers and receive free estimates.

General contractor

General contractor

We initiate projects and carry them out together with our clients. We do commercial and residential services. All services are guaranteed in high quality materials and services.

Years of experience have taught us that all our service must be worked in favor of the taste of our customers. AJ CONSTRUCTION LLC will take the project and make it a reality for you. Roofing, remodeling, drywall, maintenance, inspections, interiors and exteriors. CALL US! WE ARE READY TO ADVICE YOU!